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Gaia Fit

Mary Jackson Patterson 



Location: 39 Richard Terrace, Red Bank, NJ 07701

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Services Offered: 

Momilates - Pilates for Mommies

A one of a kind intense and targeted core conditioning class designed to tone your mommy belly and restore length and strength to your body. The principles of pilates are applied to the physiology of mothers to provide a routine that promotes abdominal rehabilitation, pelvic (re)alignment, lengthening of the body and so much more.

Pre-natal Momilates & Stretch - Pilates Based Strengthening & Stretching

This class is a blend of strengthening and stretching exercises based on the principles of Pilates. The movements promote strength and well-being during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. All exercises are appropriate for women at any stage of pregnancy. Variations will be provided to cater to varying levels of fitness and as always, all levels are welcome!

Particular emphasis will be given to proper conditioning and daily habits that will help prevent overstretching and widening of the abdominals.

Boot Camp - Cardio, Strength & Flexibility Designed for Maximum Results

Have fun exercising in the great outdoors with us and get real results in just 40 minutes. This class will push you through a variety of exercises using the body, bands, medicine balls, and nature. Everyone from beginner to advanced is welcome. Includes nutritional tips and support from our expert staff.

Rejuvinating Cleanse

7-21 day real food journey to cleanse and eliminate toxins from the body and set up the individual for healthier eating. Individual picks how long their journey cleanse journey is!

Nutritional Counseling

Holistic Health Coaching for the individual or family. varying expertise areas: healthier lifestyle, healthier family, raw food, vegetarian, vegan

-Personal Training

-Core Rehabilitation

-Weight loss

-Family Fitness

-General Fitness

Products Offered:

Shaklee Nutritional Supplements

All natural, effective, high quality supplementation for the whole family.

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