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Hypnosis Session By Phone

Hypnosis sessions by phone give you the ability to have a hypnosis sessions with the hypnotist of your choosing; and in that moment you may need it or want it. It makes no difference that you might be thousands of miles away — the moment we begin and you close your eyes, it’s as if you were having an in-office hypnosis session right next to me.

Michelle A Leonard Hypnosis offers phone sessions with anyone in the United States. Many clients are people who travel often for work or have multiple residences. Other clients may not have the ability or just not feel up to leaving the comfort of their own home. Others have utilized the power of hypnosis before a speech or other work event; or in the moment of high stress and anxiety. By offering convenient telephone sessions, Michelle is able to accommodate her client’s busy schedules or needs. Phone sessions give you the same one-on-one attention and quality interaction that an in-office session does.

Michelle often even hypnotizes people over the phone while they are still at work. Over-the-phone sessions give you flexibility even if you are a busy person. To do this, all you need is privacy, a comfortable chair, and some uninterrupted quiet time. It doesn’t have to be absolutely quiet just quiet enough. These sessions work best with either a speaker phone or headset (earbuds) of some kind.

The only difference between an in office hypnosis session and doing one by phone is the inability of the hypnotist to react to bodily cues from the subject, such as breathing patterns and facial expressions. This is usually not an issue at all.

How To Ensure You Have the Best Hypnosis Phone Sessions

✓ Have the attitude that you truly want our phone sessions to benefit you. This attitude is a hundred times better than choosing to resist hypnosis. Hypnosis works because you want it to.

✓ Make sure to be in a space where you will not be interrupted whatsoever; not even by your pet. Anything that rings or makes sounds should be turned off. This is your special time.

✓ Have eaten something earlier so that you are very comfortable and your mind is able to focus on what we are doing. Be sure to skip coffee or any other beverage that contains caffeine.

✓ Please have already gone to the restroom before our session so that you are completely comfortable.

✓ To further enhance your session, use your favorite warm blanket and sit in a comfortable, chair such as a recliner. If you wear glasses, you will take them off after our initial talk, when we are ready to start the process of hypnotizing you.

✓ Sessions can be done by telephone, speaker phone, headset or by Skype on your computer or laptop. A headset of some kind is usually the best option.

All hypnosis phone sessions are booked by appointment. Payment is made easy through PayPal.

When booking, please make sure to fill out your appointment form this will include what your goal is for the session. There are some issues that really should be done in office.

Email for an after hour emergency appointment - 

*** Please note, all sessions are strictly professional. Any inappropriate talk will result in the session being cancelled without refund. ***

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