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Michelle A Leonard Hypnosis mp3 Downloads

The 5 Easy Steps to Successful Self Help Hypnosis at Home (All private clients receive one mp3 for free after 2nd or 3rd appointment)

1. DOWNLOAD: The first step is to complete the MP3 Purchasing Questionnaire below. You will then receive an invoice for payment, or you can Click the BUY NOW button below to complete your payment, and then your Hypnosis mp3 will be emailed to you. This can then be transferred to your MP3 player or burned onto a disk for use on your CD player. (**NEVER DRIVE WITH A RECORDING)

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2. Private space: Next you need to find yourself some private space where you won't be disturbed while you listen to your hypnosis download. It is important, during your hypnosis, that you arrange with other family members to leave you in peace until you have finished, and to make sure that phones are turned off so you are not tempted to deal with something in the middle of your session.

It is also very, very important that you claim the time you need for yourself for this process. It is a part of the healing change that you are making. Giving yourself permission to spend 15 or 20 minutes a day, alone, to improve your own health, well-being, success, and relationships with others is absolutely vital to success; and will move you forward to greater happiness.

3. Comfort & Posture: Physical comfort is important. You need to be able to relax. You can do this sitting or lying down. It can also be done before bed. Get comfortable. (**Use the restroom first)

If you choose to sit for hypnosis then make sure your head is supported. A cushion behind your neck usually helps.

Block out light with eye mask or towel over your eyes.

4. Listen to the Hypnosis MP3: Play the hypnosis recording you have downloaded.

Sitting or lying comfortably the hypnosis download will guide you into a deep trance state. You will find yourself easily and effortlessly drifting into a suitable trance state (through either heightened awareness or feeling "zoned" and deeply relaxed) for your suggestions to take effect and bring about behavioral changes easily and effortlessly; changes that you will find amazing.

5. After your first listening session is complete, remember to continue listening to your mp3 for 21 days. Science has proven it takes 21 days to eliminate, change, or create a habit. You will find positive changes occurring in many aspects of your life, including and not limited to business success, goal achievement, motivation, positive outlook, love, and better health. You will find you are moving forward to living the life you were meant to live and achieving your fullest potentials.

All this for just $30.00 - an absolutely unbelievable bargain. BUY NOW ABOVE. 

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