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My name is Maria Rosella. I’m married and because of Alternative Health Solutions of NJ I’m able to stay home with my three young children and earn some extra money for my family. I was introduced to Alternative Health Solutions of NJ by a family friend who thought the services offered through the Jersey Shore Wellness Network could help my roseacea more naturally, which they did.. And after seeing what more this business had to offer, I contacted them to learn more and how I could get involved. You see, even though my husband works so hard, we still didn’t have enough to cover our expenses, so I was looking for a way to eliminate stress from our lives! I had never considered a business like this before, because my education is in early elementary education, not business. Plus, I figured I was way too busy and didn’t know enough people to make this work. But after I looked into the Alternative Health Solution of NJ’s starter kit and asked lots of questions, I recognized that this was an incredible opportunity to change my family’s future and create a residual income that was based on my efforts, not on my time. The past few months have been a blast as I’ve met lots of fantastic women and achieved more than I thought possible! And I’m excited to be here with you to share all that Alternative Health Solutions of NJ has to offer.

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