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Om The Park - A Soulsational Flash Mob Yoga Experience

Om The Park

A Soulsational Flash Mob Experience

Largest Yoga Event on the Jersey Shore

All Tri- State Yogi's Invited and Encouraged to Attend - Free

Lead by Dana Gan

Registration is Not Necessary to Participate

But if enough people register

we may be able to contact Guinness World Records.

Soulsational arrival is aimed for no later then 2:00pm for this Yoga demonstration.

Use the tutorial below.

all exact details as we get closer to the date will be in on the Facebook page and look back to this page.

Need more information please email

Song 2016: The Sound of Silence by Disturbed.

Name - First & Last

Email Address

Home Address

Name Of Studio Particpating, Group Name, or Individual

Other Message

Flash Mob Organizers:

Cape May * Atlantic * Burlington * Ocean * Monmouth * Middlesex * North Jersey * West Jersey * New York * Pennsylvania

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