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40Foot Hole Studio is a free music internet radio station, run by the amazing David McMahon; The DJ Midnight Cobler, with special help from Billie JoAnne Wilson. 40Foot Hole Studio is brought to you by people who truly enjoyment music. The music is open to anyone who wants to listen. It's run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. This station is heard in over 112 different countries and is continuing to expand, to make our world a happier, friendlier place. You can be part of that family. Listen in now and enjoy the music. The music is free, the cost to send it out to the world is not please consider a donation to the studio it is an amazing gift they send out to the world.

Listen Live to Soulsational 2014 below. 40 Foot Hole Studio spent the day broadcasting this amazing tri-state family event live and worldwide. The Soulsational Music and Wellness Festival was created to honor, share, and explore the many healing modalities, practitioners, organizations, and businesses devoted to health, wellness, and HAPPINESS right here on the Jersey Shore. Its goal is to increase awareness of the many different green, holistic, organic, and healthy options within our community, support the local economy and offer a unique interactive family experience for all those in attendance. The Soulsational Festival was created as a celebration promoting health, wellness, and positive living. It is intended to motivate and inspire the community into taking a more active approach in their individual and family based health and wellness. This is truly a celebration surrounded by the love of community. Listen today to phenomenal artists that shared their love of music, poetry, and the arts. So sit back and listen.

Special thanks to those that gave extra special attention and love to Soulsational:

David McMahon-Owner/Creator Radio

Billie JoAnne Wilson – 40Foot Hole Studio Producer

Danny Coleman- Rock On Radio (Two Men One Mind Traveling Road Show-Radio Broadcaster and Interviewer)

Jason Portizo- owner/operator Ugly Door Studio (MC for the Event)

Barry Friedman-Concert Quality (for the Main Sound)

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