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Michelle Leonard, a soldier’s wife, a mother, positive living visionary, optimal wellness educator and business woman whose mission in all aspects of her life is to make people happy.  She believes in building stronger communities through healthier citizens through: Education, Information, Inspiration, Motivation; Empowering compassionate support through awareness.

As founder and director of the non profit company (pending nonprofit 501c3), Alternative Health Solutions of NJ©, she has combined her knowledge and passion for alternative complementary healthcare and belief of positively living an optimal wellness lifestyle with the freedom and flexibility of being self-employed, to deliver her goal of personalized high quality discounted services and programs to clients on behalf of practitioners. Alternative Health Solution of NJ's mission is to enhance the positive quality and development of individual, family, and community life by providing services that are available, accessible, and responsive to the needs of those seeking assistance, and to work with the community to educate, contribute, facilitate, and promote solutions for the enrichment of all. Connecting people, enriching lives.

Michelle first experienced alternative healing methods during a severe childhood illness of Lyme disease and Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis that left her paralyzed and legally blind for years. Frustrated with traditional Western medicine, she and her parents met with a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and learned about diet, detoxification, and herbs. Her pain decreased, and her stress diminished as her symptoms and health improved through a combination of hypnotism, acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic care.

During her pre-medicine undergraduate studies at the College of Saint Elizabeth, Michelle volunteered at the Women's Health & Counseling Center. This center was a safe haven where compassionate and high-quality services were made available to women. These services included medical, alternative, preventive care, counseling, and support programs. She assisted in promoting healthier communities by educating women to make informed health care choices. This environment sparked her interest in women’s healthcare through alternative and western medicine.

She Worked in Obstetrics and Gynecology as a Specialized Clinical Technician for over six years. There she was fortunate to work with women with specialized medical and personal needs. This environment strengthened her expert customer service skills, her passion for women’s healthcare issues, and drive to increase her education and awareness of alternative and complementary healthcare methods. It was during this time she had formulated strong opinions that “all clients have the rights as customers receiving services to be given respect through individualized caring, attentive listening, and personalized attention.” She then continued her education and received her diploma as a Doula and Childbirth Educator with Childbirth International.

Michelle founded Live Positive Today™, under which she is the director of MY Wellness Network™ and director of the Soulsational Festival™ after managing full time a phenomenal wellness center she loved for another seven years. It was at this wellness center all her training had come full circle and her vision was born to pioneer as a community advocate the Optimal Wellness Lifestyle ™ movement and create a non-profit organization to better empower consumers with lifesaving positive knowledge about green and natural health modalities for personal and planetary wellness. Her goal is help others Live Positive Today™, spread the message of hope and healing across America, and provide charitable services. She would like individuals to be inspired and have the reachable opportunity to restore, revive, rebuild, and recover themselves. She believes the most significant way to reduce national healthcare costs is to educate the public on ways to maintain their health, prevent disease, and find happiness. Michelle continues to grow the largest wellness “network” in the country where she will be able to continue to share a wealth of knowledge. It’s her love of growing business and medicine complemented by alternative healthcare and positive optimal wellness lifestyle choices that drives her wish to make sure each client is cared for in a personalized, professional and loving environment. She hopes each person touched by the products and services of Alternative Health Solutions of NJ will Live Positive Today™!

With a pioneer’s spirit, Michelle’s pure intention of compassion and kindness further continues to ripple after Hurricane Sandy in 2013.  Immediately following this superstorm, with her family, she began volunteering at local immediate disaster relief centers to be an extra helpful set of hands; spreading the message of “Locals Helping Locals”.  During the holiday season, Michelle assumed the role of Mrs. Claus as part of her “Santa’s Sandy Hands” gift drive, which collected and wrapped over 100,000, filling a warehouse full, presents for children and their families affected by Hurricane Sandy so that survivors could experience the joy of the holiday despite their losses. This program grew further into spring Easter baskets of gifts. She as of most recent has continued her work of "Local Love"™ as previously the original co – founder of The Real Jersey Girls organization and she headed the catalyst movement to change the perception of Sandy Victims to empowered Sandy Soulvivors ™.

Believing so much in the power of ones mind and continuing to build upon everything she had already been teaching for the last decade to the community, Michelle Leonard continued her education and completed her education as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotist and Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner in 2016. She is a Nationally Advanced Certified Hypnotist, certified both by the American Alliance of Hypnotists and the National Guild of Hypnotists, the world’s premier organizations for hypnosis professionals. Schedule  your appointment today at http://www.MichelleALeonard.com

*Veteran Family Owned & Operated*

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