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ॐ Mission ॐ


Alternative Health Solution of NJ's © not for profit mission is to enhance the positive quality and development of individual, family, and community life by providing services that are available, accessible, and responsive to the needs of those seeking assistance, and to work with the community to educate, contribute, facilitate, and promote solutions for the enrichment of all. Connecting people, enriching lives.

Empowering Compassionate Support through Awarness * Education * Information * Inspiration * Motivation.

Building stronger communities through healthier citizens

Michelle Leonard pioneer and community advocate of the Optimal Wellness Lifestyle ™ movement has created as a not for profit organization to better empower consumers with lifesaving positive knowledge about green and natural health modalities for personal and planetary wellness. Our goal is help others Live Positive Today, spread our message of hope and healing, and provide charitable services and volunteerism. We would like individuals to be inspired and have the reachable opportunity to restore, revive, rebuild, and recover themselves. We believe the most significant way to reduce national healthcare costs is to educate the public on ways to maintain their health, prevent disease, and find happiness.

Our mission through Live Positive Today is to serve our community; to provide individuals with the most current and useful information on their alternative health options as well has promote a more optimal wellness lifestyle through products and services that are holistic, green, organic, and eco – friendly. We aim to educate consumers about natural solutions and motivate consumers to take a more active and responsible role in restoring and maintaining one owns health and wellness. Alternative Health Solutions of NJ gives people the dignity, resources, support and reachable opportunity to achieve a level of self-determination in their lives. We assist individuals through meeting with the most highly qualified practitioner by promote and supporting a collaborative community of wellness providers and businesses committed to providing discounted products and services that facilitate and support growth in the multiple dimensions of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental.

As a not for profit organization we are focused on educating (providing awareness, information, inspiration, motivation, support, and resources) our community about safe, natural and healthful solutions for living healthier, happier and more abundant lives. To accomplishing this, Alternative Health Solutions of NJ produces educational materials and programs in the form of internet based articles, guides, interviews, audio files, and video files. Also available are hard copy books, guides, directories, and other programs such as festivals, expos and classes - many of which are available free of charge to consumers. We do frequently review and speak about available products, supplements, websites and other services that can help improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities nationally.

We hope you find this site helpful in your journey learning more about your alternative healthcare choices and optimal wellness lifestyle choices. You are in charge in improving the quality of your life. Live Positive Today!

Individuals and businesses can support. For more information about supporting or sponsoring Soulsational produced by Alternative Health Solutions of NJ, call (732) 664-9348. All support goes directly to producing the event.

*Proud Veteran Family Produced*

Copyright © 2013 Alternative Health Solutions of NJ ™ All Rights Reserved All trademarks used are the properties of their respective owners.

Contact Information:

Po Box 39 * Beachwood NJ 08722 * Phone: 732-664-9348 * Fax: 732-240-7966*

DISCLAIMER: It’s important to understand that our independently contracted customer service CAM advocates are not licensed medical professionals and do not offer clinical advice. The advocates role is strictly to provide information about health care choices, and to help the client make the most of their optimal wellness lifestyle needs within the products and services of Alternative Health Solutions of NJ.

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