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Miraculous Moments

445 Brick Blvd, STE 302

Brick, New Jersey

Phone Number: (732) 831-4801



At Miraculous Moments, we cater to expecting moms through their journey and beyond. We are delighted to offer a wide array of services, including but not limited to: 4D ultrasound, massages,reiki,chiropractic care, perinatal hypnosis, special events, group therapy, and nutrition. We invite you to be our guest and allow us to be your special place during these beautiful moments.

Hypnobirthing - Hypnosis for Pregnancy - Fear-less Labor & Delivery

This hypnosis session(s) has been designed to feel like a guided meditation to help mommies become deeply relaxed and to focus on the confidence they will use to move through the process of labor and delivery. Being calm and having a sense of control can greatly make a difference in your overall experience of childbirth; as well as positively impact the health of both mom and baby.

This session has been created to allow stresses to float away and to implement the thoughts needed to believe you will succeed at childbirth. Together we can create the positive thoughts necessary to decrease pain, to keep you calm and focused, and to turn labor pains into encouraging waves of pressure. The waves needed to allow your baby to come into this world and into your arms.

With experiencing and receiving these deep relaxing suggestions we will give attention to principles of hypnobirthing and positive visualization. These suggestions will create the positive thoughts to inspire you with confidence. Feeling prepared mentally, being present within the moment, and focusing on the positive outcomes…this is birth empowerment!

This session has been created with the following combined techniques based on neuroscience principles: Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Thinking, Mindful Mediation, Positive Imagery, Affirmation Implementation, and Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Each session will include essential oil use and ear seeds. Meditation music is used with subliminal messages to enhance deep relaxation and long-term results.

Best to begin at about 25 weeks gestation but benefits can be gained just from one session before birth.

What is Hypnosis Birthing?

Hypnosis Birthing is a method to use during pregnancy and birth. In each private hypnosis session you learn how to relax and let your body do the work. The goal of the session(s) is let your mind and body go, so that it can do its instinctual and incredible work naturally.

With breathing, imagery, relaxation techniques and practice this can transform your birthing experience from what women often expect at painful, overwhelming, and terrible... to empowering, emotionally connected, calm, and at peace with the birthing process. All the while in tune completely with your body, baby, husband, labor coach (Doula) or other birth companion. .

What will I learn and gain during my sessions?

  • Methods to release any fears of birth or negative emotions, build your confidence and feel positive.

  • How the mind and body work harmoniously together and how they influence labor and birth.

  • Tools to prepare you both emotionally and physically for the birth.

  • Self Hypnosis methods, visualization and breathing techniques to ease you into relaxation.

  • How to avoid unnecessary chemical induction as long as possible and methods to naturally induce.

  • How a mother can birth comfortably using her body’s abilities and helpful positions.

  • Comforting massage and stroking techniques.

  • How to communicate confidently with medical professionals.

  • How the mind and body work together efficiently and why this is important during labor.

  • Birth physiology, the process of birth, and the drugs and interventions you may come across.

  • Information on how the systems work and how you can work with it to achieve the best outcome for you and your baby.

  • Importantly, how to stay feeling in control and calm during any situation that may occur.

This is a brief overview of what you will learn and gain. Whereas some other Antenatal courses focus on pain relief and the interventions available, Hypnosis birthing focuses on teaching you how to work towards to the best possible birth for you and your baby and make informed choices throughout using the seeds of thought we have implemented into your subconscious mind. 

  • Confidence When you feel confident, you relax and work with your body in the way nature intended.

  • Control With the knowledge you have, you are enabled to take control of how you give birth.

  • Choice When you feel in control, the choices they make are the best choices for you are for your baby.

  • Calm When you feel calm throughout the birth you are relaxed and your mind and body work together in harmony.

  • Comfort The result is that your body works efficiently and comfortably.

Hypnosis Birthing Sessions Vs. HypnoBirthing Classes?

The main aim of the Hypnosis Birthing Sessions is to help prepare you for a positive birth experience; Success is Healthy Baby(ies) and a Healthy Mom! We do cover possible interventions and make reference to how the different tools can be used during a change of circumstances, throughout the sessions. 

I believe sharing space with each women, one - on - one and hand - in - hand , develops that personal time they deserve and need to let go and relax. Hypnosis sessions are preformed during each session to create the mindset needed towards the goal. To birth fear- less, empowered, in control, and with confidence. To gain success of healthy babies and healthy moms!

I have found that sometimes moms who attend other methods can feel that they have 'failed' if they haven't achieved a 'natural' birth. This saddens me because, in my opinion, women cannot possibly 'fail' at birth. We put our bodies on the line for our babies and we do the best we can do with the circumstances that we have to experience. I have found that at times other classes that talk a lot about removing the 'fear of birth' actually create fear... fear of possible interventions, fear of failure and sometimes distrust of caregivers.

During Hypnosis Birthing Sessions we are thankful to have access to the wonderful medical care of the modern world, should we need it and when we are ready. This is a very down-to-earth approach; as natural as possible and as long as you can and are safe - we prepare for all types of births and our focus is on a positive birth experience.

How Many Hypnosis Birthing Sessions Will I Need?

The answer is two to five sessions on average. That being said, I have women who have gain exceptional benefits from one session and I have had women enjoy more then 5 sessions for the deep relaxation benefits. I prefer at least two sessions as the 2nd session will be recorded for you to use at home before bed. 

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