Soulsational Schedule Of Events

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Featuring On the Field Stage:

Emcee Special Guest Host: Mark Farrell



1:15 Clarizio Music Presents Mondays at Six





and MORE!
PAVILION STAGE - Food Truck Stage
Special Emcee Host and Sponsor: Wolf Flores of WNJ Entertainment


12:45 Poet:


1:30 Poet:


2:15 Poet:



4:10 Poet:


5:30 – 7:00  Soulsational at Sundown Open Mic

and MORE!

Community Demos on the Main Stage:
11:00 Opening Prayer:   & 11:00 Opening Comments by Mark Farrell,
11:50 National Anthem Sung by Lisa Majewski Mazzuca ,  11:50 open for Demonstration,
12:00  open for Demonstration, 1:00 open for Demonstration, 1:00 open for Poet,
1:10 open for Demonstration  2:00 open for Demonstration,
3:00  open for Demonstration,  3:10 Om the Park Yoga Demonstration– Led by Dana Gan, 
4:20  open for Demonstration,  4:20 Spirit Factory – Cheer/Gymnastics Demonstration,
5:50  open for Demonstration, 7:30 Official Closing Remarks: Mark Farrell

A Big Thank you to our Soulsational Stage Manager, Dr. Soul - Bill Van Wyck!

Community Demos on the Food Truck Stage: 12:45 open for Demonstration,

2:15 open for Demonstration 3:10 open for demonstration,

4:10  open for Demonstration, 5:15  open for Demonstration,

5:15  open for Demonstration


Lead Coordinator: Dana Gan

All activities are subject to slight changes

** all experience levels and ages welcome **

11:15 Lovelight Practice

Lovelight Practice is a class suited for All Levels of Yogi's, Beginners included as modifications will always be provided. Our Lovelight Practice will focus on the body and mind connection by focusing on our breath and alignment. This practice is great for anyone! Pranayama and Savasana will be included in this practice.

Christina Zaccaro - Lovelight on Main

12:00     Box O' Cacao     

What's life without enthusiasm!? This is an all levels class that varies a mixture of different yogic practices. Like a box of chocolates, you may never know what you're gonna get, but you always know which brand to choose.                     

Jodie Goff - Shanti Revolution    

                                                                         12:45  Jivamukti              

A vigorous class fusing physical, ethical, spiritual practices for all! Includes asanas, breath work, and meditation.

Loren Russo - Hot or Not Yoga (Sponsor) 


1:30  Bhakti Yoga            

Join us for an open Kirtan (Music) to celebrate Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion. This is a musical performance you can join in or sit back and enjoy. Open to everyone, please feel free to bring a drum or instrument. The more the merrier.

Loren Russo and friends - Hot or Not Yoga (Sponsor)                                    

2:15 Partner Yoga           

In this workshop we will learn to support each other in poses aligning our bodies, creating balance and becoming present. No experience necessary; this workshop is for newbies and experienced yogis alike 

Adam Binder & Rose Dease - Apeiron Yoga    

3:00 - 6:00: Creating a Peace Mandala

*Near yoga tent, Bring an offering

Ex. Grain Rice Flower Pedals sand colored powder

Hosted by: Adam Binder of Apeiron


3:10 Om in The Park Yoga Demo

In front of Main Stage. A few minutes of fluid yoga movements to "A special Song"  by:

Led by Dana Gan & Friends - The Meaningful Mala   


3:15  Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Vibrational sound healing has been used by many cultures around the world since ancient times. Each bowl is attuned to the vibrational frequency of one the seven main chakras and correspond with different areas of life. The energy from the bowls harmonize to the energy in your body and creates balance on a cellular level. Crystal bowl meditations are said to promote happiness and wellbeing, create feelings of peace and calmness, lower stress, decrease mood swings, reduce anger and can help with reaching deeper states of relaxation and meditation.

Beth Connelly - Beth Connelly Worldwide


4:00 Vinyasa Flow           

A beautiful practice with breathe work and sun salutations flowing from one pose to the next. Perfect for all levels.      

Heather Burch -  Breathe Life Sangha


5:00  Twist & Flow- Open Levels

Detox the body with a series of twists while energizing the body with as we flow through this gentle open levels class.

Victoria Kerins - Spiritual Journey Wellness Center

6:15 Sacred Portals Healing Circle
We join forces to create a safe space of sacred communication. All beings co-create a portal, allowing us to heal, surrender, and connect. This circle is a safe space to connect with your highest self, connect with your ancestors, connect to others and serve as mirrors to every being present. Through ceremony, breath work, meditation, movement, energy healing and safe space communication, we heal.
The Sacred Sisters

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Class Tent

Lead Coordinator:

All activities are subject to slight changes

** all experience levels and ages welcome **

11:00 – Close

Community Canvas

Large canvas display with paints for anyone to leave their mark !!

Kristen Eve Woolley –Eves Artistry

11:30  Free Energy Clearing
Near the walking Meditation.
Join us as we clear low vibrations, release negative energies, and neutralize magnetic charges through smudging.
Facilitated by Hannah Mary Reiki.

11:15  Belly Dancing Class                                       

Belly dance is a beautiful art form that can help women and men get in touch with their graceful, elegant side! Today Yame, belly dancer for over a decade, will teach you some of our common isolations and basic steps that you can have under your belt forever!

Yame Abdo - SharqiDance (Sponsor)

12:00  Young Living Essential Oils Workshop

What is this fascination with Essential Oils all about? Join us to learn about Essential Oils and how they can enhance your life and overall wellness. We will discuss how Oils can improve things like Stress Reduction, Concentration, Motivation, Energy and Relaxation.

Michele McRae of Young Living Essential Oils


Passion To Paint

Hosted by Passion To Paint

Awaken Your Creative Spirit. Come join us for an open studio experience.

*Near Beer Tent

"Beach, Peace and Flip Flops" Canvas

$30.00 Walk In Registration

Register Today

1:00 Crystal Bowls Sound Meditation

Singing bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. They create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of diseased and out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul. The vibration of the Crystal bowls has the power to make atoms vibrate and reorganize themselves in a crystalline structure, which is stronger, healthier and more balanced.

Louisa Rodriguez-Diaz of Karmalife Holistic Wellness

2:00 Own Your Power

Are you where you want to be in your life? Where you thought you’d be? Are you fulfilled? What could you create if you were able to leverage the unlimited power within you? Bailey Frumen, MSW, LCSW is a psychotherapist, author, speaker, and coach mentoring ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs by providing the roadmap that takes them from frustration & overwhelm into action & purpose. With real life success stories and Bailey’s relatable and supportive approach, Own Your Power is the perfect first step toward creating a life you love.

Own Your Power outlines the 7 steps you need to: *Identify what’s been holding you back * Get clear about your vision  * Take action on accomplishing your goals   

Bailey Frumen LLC

3:00 EZE Fitness Cardio Boxing & Weight Training

We are a weight loss body training facility. We show you how to lose weight build muscle and live a healthy lifestyle. We do this through eating right and proper training. We use boxing as a form of conditioning and weight training to sculpt the body you want. We have 3 locations to serve you as our mission is to inspire motivate and transform you!"                          

Hafiz Montgomery of Eze Fitness Transformation Center

3:00 Passion To Paint

Hosted by Passion To Paint

Mermaid Tail Glass Painting

*Near Beer Tent

$25.00 Walk In Registration

Register Today

3:00 - 6:00pm: Creating a Peace Mandala 

With Adam Binder of Apeiron

*Near yoga tent, Bring an offering

Ex. Grain Rice Flower Pedals  sand colored powder

Field Event

4:00 T'ai Chi Chih

Enter the Cosmic Rhythm and explore the moving meditation of T'ai Chi Chih! T'ai Chi Chih is a series of 20 gentle yet powerful movements based upon balancing our Chi energy or Vital Force which exists in all of us. Experience this Joy thru Movement. Joy is your birthright!

Annette McNeil - Chi Energy Works

5:00 Passion To Paint

Hosted by Passion To Paint

Daisies on Reclaimed Wood Painting

*Near Beer Tent

$30.00 Walk In Registration

Register Today

5:00 Creating the Life of Your Dreams

This class teaches people how to begin living the life of their dreams by shifting their perspective and increasing their clarity and focus on what they would love. It is an opportunity for them to actively create a blueprint for their dream life and generate actions steps towards its attainment.

April Kmiechick LLC


Vision Board Workshop

Winding down in the park. Let's discuss how you can harness The Law of Attraction to create an incredible life for yourself! This interactive workshop will give you basic tools and info you need to bring in more abundance and get rid of negativity. Be prepared to get creative & use focused intention to turn dreams into REALITY! All Supplies are provided.

Carrie Villanueva - Live Whole Massage & Holistics

7:30 pm (Gathering to begin 7:00 near the main stage)
Soulsational Drum Circle

Calling all Drummers, Dancers, & Hoopers
No musical experience required. Everyone welcome. Any age. Bring your hand drum, percussion instrument, a chair, and a Sandy pantry donation.

Largest drumming circle on the Shore to help promote health hope happiness and harmony within our commUNITY

with Terry Brown
The Gathering Tree

Lead Coordinator: Amanda McCalip
All activities are subject to slight changes. There are even more activities in the KidsVillage that is not scheduled for Free including Crafts, carnival games, tibetan flag making, and more. Disclosure some activities do have charges but not those listed below. 

** all experience levels and ages welcome **

11:15 Twist & Laugh

Championship Game Round 1

What could be more fun than engaging in a classic game of Twister? This classic game will keep the children active and see who is a twisting master! Who will be our Twist & Laugh Champion?!

Amanda McCalip—Soulsational


12:00 Yoga with Littles - Family Yoga for all ages!

This Yoga with Littles class is designed for parents and children of all ages! You will learn fun, kid-friendly yoga poses, breathing exercises, and calming techniques. This class is perfect for EVERYONE regardless of how short your child's attention span may be, or how much yoga experience you may (or may not) have! Yoga is a great way to move your body and take time for self care, all while connecting and bonding with your children! 

Ambar Gingerelli - Mama Bird Well Nest


12:45 Kids Art Class                             

Let’s get creative and make art! Interactive and so much fun!

1:30 Easy Cooking Extravaganza

Cooking for children with a passion for promoting health and wellness. What could be more fun and more delicious than an easy cooking instructional lesson with the kids? Today we are sharing the importance of the eating the rainbow!    

*Cooking without Power     

Erin B - E.Bee's Organics LLC

2:15 Cell Phone Photography for Kids     

Students will learn how to use their cell phones to take great photos, which they can later edit right on their phones. They will also learn about some free apps they can download to their phones and use to edit their photos.       

Carly Kutsup - CreativeKolour Media

3:00 - 6:00: Creating a Peace Mandala 

With Adam Binder of Apeiron

*Near yoga tent, Bring an offering

Ex. Grain Rice Flower Pedals  sand colored powder - Field Event

3:00 Catching Dreams: Mindfully Weaving Dreams into Art                    

Who says magic isn't real?! Dreamcatchers are magical fiber art wall hangings that inspire, awaken, and encourage us to reach our goals and make our dreams come true! Together, participants will work together to mindfully weave positive intentions into a large hula hoop sized Dreamcatcher, followed by adorning the spiritual piece with symbols of each participants Dreams and goals! "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!" (Helen Keller)     

Kristy Mathews  - DREAMANTRA

3:45 Kids Create Calm with Aromatherapy            

Children will engage in creating an all-natural, soothing lavender playdough with natural ingredients, including lavender buds; they will take their finished product home. Children will also take part in making their own child safe pocket nasal inhaler to breathe in when wanted or needed. They will add sweet orange and lavender essential oils to a cotton wick and place the wick in a capped tube. The essential oils used in class are child safe and support calm yet positive feelings. All products will be taken home, along with a descriptive handout.                                       

Jodi Sherman - Naturally Empowered


4:30 Magical Moment of Mystery            

A Magical Moment of Mystery will be shared with the children.                                               

Jillian Speranza  - Magical Moments Entertainment, LLC.


5:15 Story time 

Story time! Create a Story with Author Amanda McCalip. Let's make it fun, silly, and uniquely ours!

Author Amanda McCalip


6:00 The Wonder of Magic with Amelia

This 15 Minute magic show by 10 years old Amelia Iremonger will amaze children and adults alike!

6:15 - 8:00

Soulsational Talent & Variety Show

A mini variety talent show featuring kids attending Soulsational. Kids come on out and SHOW us what you got! Be creative. Show off your talents! Walks up welcomed!

Lindsay Williams           

Sponsored by: Broadway Bound Dance Centre

Register Today!

7:30 pm (Gathering to begin 7:00 Main stage)

Soulsational Drum Circle  - All Ages!
Calling all Drummers, Dancers, & Hoopers
No musical experience required. Everyone welcome. Any age. Bring your hand drum, percussion instrument, a chair, and a Sandy pantry donation. Largest drumming circle on the Shore to help promote health hope happiness and harmony within our commUNITY.
with Terry Brown
The Gathering Tree

Under The Pavilion Workshops
Lead Coordinator Poets and Pavilion Workshops: Ann Kestner of

11:30 am -- Write to Self: Guided Writing & Meditation

Participants will explore expressive writing as a healing tool in combination with a guided meditation.

Specifically, in this session we will address "Love" an entity through writing, and will move through a guided healing meditation.

Lead by Chelsea Palermo of The Write Journey


2:15 Owning Your Own Voice
There is power and meaning in your own unique experience. Practice sharing your valuable truth through poetry and lyrics.
Ann Kestner -

3:15 Troubles Into Triumph
Even in our most troubled times there is a strength and resilience within us. Through poetry and lyrics learn to recognize your power and strength.
Ann Kestner -

4:15 Compassion Through Characters
Build your compassion by writing about another person's strengths, gifts, and inner beauty.
Ann Kestner -

3:00 - 6:00: Creating a Peace Mandala

*Near yoga tent, Bring an offering

Ex. Grain Rice Flower Pedals sand colored powder

Hosted by: 

Om The Park
A Soulsational Yoga Demonstration

In front of Main Stage. A few minutes of fluid yoga movements

to "A special Song"  by:

Led by Dana Gan & Friends - The Meaningful Mala 

Soulsational Paint Party

12 Noon -  "Beach, Peace and Flip Flops" Canvas

3pm -  Mermaid Tail Glass Painting

5pm -  Daisies on wood Painting